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My daughter’s room has been super bare for quite some time as I searched for the perfect decor. My husband and I have discussed several different ideas, and we kept disagreeing on what to decorate with. The one thing we could agree on was that we wanted pops of pink and a few wall decals. […]

DIY Toddler Room Decor

Our mud room happens to be the tiniest space in our house, but it is one of the most functional areas. Prior to meeting my husband I was a very disorganized person. I’ve gotten better since then, but prior to Brent I was a MESS! Things were misplaced frequently and I was always trying to […]

Mud Room Makeover – How to Create a Functional Space- Marlowe Meadows

Hey everyone! I have to start by saying that my husband is a visionary when it comes to projects like these. He tried to explain to me several times what he was thinking and I just wasn’t picking up what he was putting down. I’m a visual person (hence the photography thing).   Here’s the […]

Kitchen Island DIY


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