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Anywho, if you haven't already guessed it "Ybbil" of Ybbil Photography is Libby backwards. A few of my friends back in school started calling me by my nickname, but backwards, and well it stuck. I'm totally okay with it too. I feel it gives off the vibe I like to do things differently.

I'm a small town Michigan photographer who thrives on that #stayathomemom life (most of the time). I enjoy having random dance parties in my kitchen, eating Oreo's, and watching lots and lots of movies.


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I'm Libby


I have two precious munchkins and a boxer dog that make everyday life a roller coaster ride; fun and exhilarating, but a little scary too. 

Can I Get an Amen!?!

I'm married to the man of my dreams. No, seriously! I prayed to God about what I wanted in a man and met him a couple months later. Good things come to those who pray.

While in college I made the decision to try something new. And by new, I mean something completely different from my current major (pre-veterinary medicine). I took my first photography class as an elective and fell in love. In 2011, after changing my major to small business management, I chose to open my own photography business. 

For several years following the inception of my business I rocked the side hustle hard core. Though now, capturing your special moments is a full time thing for me.    

How my photography journey started...


I showed horses for 13 years (on-and-off) 

I don't currently own any horses of my own, but I hope to get back into the equine scene with my children in the future. If you own your own four legged friends, I'd absolutely love to photograph you and your babies.

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