5 Steps to Planning Your Stress Free Wedding

Dang girl, your honey put a ring on it! Let me guess, you’re bursting at the seams with excitement right now. I mean, how could you not be!?!

But let’s be honest here… you probably don’t even know where to start. Unless you are a professional wedding planner, of course (winky face emoji here). So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to help you out girl! I’ve captured countless weddings over the years and have learned a lot. Not only do I want to save you time, but I want to help you hang any of those potential stressful situations out to dry.

Let’s do this babe!

1. Set a Budget and Stick to it. Seriously, Stick to Your Budget!

Everyone has a different financial line in the sand for their special day. You can totally make your wedding dreams come true on any budget, just remember… don’t over extend yourselves to keep up with the “Joneses”. Take time to sit down as a couple and talk about that monnnaayyyy! Being upfront about your budget will take tons of stress off your shoulders.

2. Determine Your Must Haves

Let’s be real here you’ve already been on Pinterest for the past year (maybe three – winky face emoji here) building up this perfect wedding day. These gorgeous flowers, those adorbs wedding favors, and OMG you have to have alpacas at the reception! Yep. With all of the options out there, it’s super hard to stay focused. Trust me. I’ve been there, done that. Write out a list of everything you’d like for your day, then rearrange it to show the MOST important things at the top and the least significant at the bottom. The top three items should be where you focus your attention first. Book that gorg venue you’ve been drooling over, pick the photographer that speaks your language and captures special moments just the way you like, and buy that dress that makes you feel stunning. Past your must haves, work that budget friendly magic! Understanding where your money is going and that you’ve got those REALLY important things taken care of, you’ll be able to breathe easier.

3. Always Include Contingency Time

I’ve seen it time and time again. Couples plan out their wedding day timeline and try to smoosh EVERYTHING into such a short time period. It is inevitable that something will run behind. You may deal with bad traffic on the way to the venue, hair and makeup may run a bit over, the officiant may be a little long winded that day, haha. There will be something that takes longer than anticipated. When this happens (not if), it creates stress. By implementing buffer time, you give yourself the opportunity to relax, breathe, really enjoy each moment of the day.

4. Really Think About Opting for a First Look

If you have no clue what I’m referring to, a first look is where the couple see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony – just the two of them (and potentially your photographer and videographer). It may not be traditional… but hey, screw tradition! You do you!!!

Opting for a first look allows you and your honey get some alone time during your big day to calm any nerves you may be experiencing. I mean, the whole reason your having a wedding in the first place is because you two LOVE each other. Why not spend as much time as possible with one another on your special day, am I right!?!

On top of that, having a first look makes it possible to have a smoother timeline. You know how I was talking about contingency time a minute ago… well think about this. Now that you’ve done your first look, you can get the majority of your formal shots (bride & groom, bridal party, & family portraits) out of the way before the ceremony. With those taken care of, you can spend way more time with the family and friends you invited.
Let’s par-tay!

5. Delegate Your Day-of Must Haves

Type up a list of your must haves for your day and pick someone to help keep you on track. Some prefer to hire a wedding coordinator, you may choose a friend or family member. Whoever it is, make sure this person knows what is most important to you. They will make things go so much smoother. Trust me!
They can be the point of contact for your vendors so if there are any hiccups, you never have to bat an eye… it’s already handled. When it’s time for family photos, you won’t have to run around like crazy trying to find your uncle that went to the bar for a drink, he’ll be waiting for his turn as instructed by your personal wrangler.

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5 Steps to Planning Your Stress Free Wedding

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