Kitchen Island DIY

Hey everyone!

I have to start by saying that my husband is a visionary when it comes to projects like these. He tried to explain to me several times what he was thinking and I just wasn’t picking up what he was putting down. I’m a visual person (hence the photography thing).


Here’s the promised DIY process that resulted in our custom kitchen island.


While renovating our home we removed all of our old doors and replaced them with matching farmhouse doors which we purchased at Menards. We knew we wanted to incorporate the old doors back in the house somewhere, but weren’t sure where. Brent came up with a great idea to use them to put together our kitchen island.

Prior to cutting the doors down to size we laid out big pieces of sketchpad paper to determine how large we wanted the island’s foot print to be. We decided that we wanted the base to be 58″ X 26″. It fit the space well and still gave us plenty of walkway room.

Brent saw that two of the doors had matching bottom panels so he cut them down to size and sat them next to each other.


These two pieces became the front of our island.


He then looked up the standard size of a dishwasher to determine how wide our inside shelf could be.

To assemble the door pannels we used a combination of 2 1/2″ deck screws and liquid nails.


We repurposed lumber from our home for the countertop as well. The boards we used were old style rough sawn 2×6’s (we also used the same boards for our stair treads too).


After determining that we wanted the counter to hang over a little on all sides, we chose to make it 62″ long X 29 1/2″ wide.



Before mounting the counter to the base we painted the base white (with Dutchboy Duraclean – Interior Paint in Satin) and put what felt like a bajillion coats of polyurethane on the counter. The poly helped give us the smooth finish we were looking for.




Please let me know if you have any other questions about our DIY kitchen island project.


I’m sure I’ll have more pictures up later that show off different angles of the island, but until then… keep rocking out your own DIY projects!!!

Marlowe Meadows




Kitchen Island DIY

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