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Brent and I recently celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and a total of 4 years together! I think it’s crazy how time flies!!! It has been a true blessing being married to my sweet, thoughtful, hardworking man for the past few years. He is a fabulous partner, a fantastic provider, and an absolute wonderful father to our little girl!!! Over our anniversary weekend we took a bit of extra time off from our day jobs and worked on our farm. For those of you that didn’t know, my husband […] Continue reading →

A friend of mine, Katie, was in search of a videographer for her wedding in September. I tried to help her seek out the perfect fit in a fellow creative for her special day. Unfortunately it was a bit difficult to find someone in her area that was available on her day and was within her price range. I was inspired to put myself out there and offer my services. Keep in mind I’ve never videoed a wedding in my life! Other than on my IPhone, I’ve never made a video either. I’m very […] Continue reading →

I absolutely love photographing weddings! The overall fun and fast paced atmosphere is definitely what I thrive on, but there are situations during a wedding that can be very frustrating for a photographer. I’ve only encountered situations like these a handful of times, and I’m very thankful that my brides and grooms take into account that to do my job effectively that they need to prepare their guests with their expectations. Of course not all family members heed the couples […] Continue reading →

This BEAUTIFUL young lady is my cousin Noelle and she is a senior in high school this year! I just can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Noelle, You have grown into such a wonderful, talented, and intelligent young woman. I know with your hard work and dedication you’ll get into your dream school with no problem. I hope nothing but the best for you “Wellie”! […] Continue reading →

For quite some time I’ve wanted to put together a gorgeous styled shoot, but this event evolved into something completely different than intended. I loved how it turned out, and hope you do too! _____________________________________________________________________ While in search of models to bring my vision to reality, I was speaking with my co-worker Alyson bouncing theme ideas around with her. During our conversation she told me that she and her husband LaMar never had thier […] Continue reading →

I’ve looked for packaging for my photography business for quite some time with no avail. I wanted something earthy, simplistic, and customizable but could never find something that I truly loved (and that was affordable). After searching through the many options out there and becoming very discouraged, I decided that I would create something myself. This way I could save on cost and make exactly what I had envisioned. The thing is… I’m extremely dangerous with power tools. I’d […] Continue reading →

Do you feel that your personal relationships suffer from the amount of time you need to put into your online presence? I feel that I get consumed with trying to get better, learn more, and posting frequently. When I have free time I tend to spend it “plugged in” and my relationship with my husband is suffering because of it. I recently watched a live feed with the one and only Jasmine Star in conjunction with Showit, and she spoke about some tips to become a better blogger for […] Continue reading →

Off the beaten path at a small italian restaurant family and friends gathered to celebrate the union of Daryl and Estella. Their taste in venue was exquisite, their laughter was contagious, and their dancing skills were fabulous! I had a blast photographing this couples nuptials, and wish nothing but a marriage filled with love that lasts the ages. […] Continue reading →

Over a year ago I helped photograph Andrea and Adam’s wedding. Being part of their big day was fantastic, and getting to know them was even better. Even from afar you can tell their little family if filled with tons of love and joy. Though they had to bribe the kids with fudge pops to smile during pictures, I felt as though they had a bunch of fun exploring the farm!   […] Continue reading →

Marcie has been one of my best friends since 7th grade. We’ve shown horses together over the years, graduated high school together, and she even celebrated my wedding with me by being my maid of honor. We went out riding today, and I asked her if she would model for me afterwards. She obliged, and these are the results. I feel they came out wonderful even though Paul is not a very photogenic equine specimen. […] Continue reading →

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